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Medium-sized businesses

Medium-sized businesses are defined as businesses that operate one or more companies under a holding company.


I help ensure that the financial administration function works well and provides reliable information to the owner, management and board, as well as external partners such as banks.


I use my experience to contribute to the development of the company so that earnings are increased,

the liquidity is strengthened and the company is always optimised for sale.

  • Function as the trusted advisor and dialogue partner for the owner and his or her family.
  • Participate as coordinator and motivator in various projects, including succession, investments, acquisitions and sales of companies, construction projects and strategy seminars, all in close dialogue with the company’s accountant and lawyer. I also ‘take the temperature’ of the company’s top and middle management teams to ensure that everyone pulls together and respects each other’s differences.
  • Moreover, I am happy to participate as a board member to provide inspiration and help maintain the company’s development over a number of years.I ensure that applicable rules and regulations are observed so that the owner can sleep soundly knowing that due diligence has been done.

Juul Advice provides financial and managerial advice to businesses and their owners.

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