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Financial Advice to Businesses – Going the Extra Mile

By far the majority of companies have control of their finances. But not everyone has a handle on how they can improve their finances.

This difference can be crucial when a competitor appears or when the market changes. By turning a defensive strategy into an offensive one, the company can clarify its future course and plan accordingly.


Making sure that things are under control in all areas of the business provides the necessary peace of mind for a well-managed development.


A modern counselor works in a future-oriented way based on the history of the company’s key functions.

I have worked as a consultant for 25 years and have had well over 100 different customers. These 

include all types of companies, such as trading, manufacturing, construction and service companies – private and public, large and small, Danish and international.


In addition, I sit on boards, undertake project work and provide general financial advice.

In my consultancy work I start at management level and stick to the tasks until they are seen through.


About Juul Advice:

Paul Adler Juul, state-authorised accountant, Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Accounting), decided to become an independent consultant after having worked as an owner and partner in the accounting and consulting firm PwC for many years.


Juul Advice collaborates with leading accounting- and legal firms, and other specialists .

Juul Advice provides financial and managerial advice to businesses and their owners.

Juul Advice ApS  º  Gelstedskovvej 12  º  DK-5591 Gelsted  º  Phone +45 23 43 05 60  º  E: paj@juuladvice.dk  º  W:juuladvice.